Sania Mirza pens down her views on MTV Nishedh Alone Together

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It’s the second week of MTV Nishedh Alone Together and while I know that the audience must be anticipating my entry in the show, I must admit that I am loving the drama till now! The first episode introduced us to a scenario we all have been grappling with – As Vicky spoke to his mother about the anxiety  of staying alone amidst the lockdown, it struck me how this has essentially been the struggle of  thousands of young individuals staying away from home. In hindsight, I really feel blessed to have spent these months around my loved ones at home.

In this first episode, what also left me thinking was the pandemic’s crashing impact on the job scenario in India.  As Megha’s boss in the radio station calls her to inform that the team  is being cut by 50%, I could sense the uncertainty in her face and demeanor for what lay ahead.  To make things worse, her boss tells her to fire Vicky, who is not only the producer of the radio show but also happens to be her boyfriend! Twist, much? As somebody who keeps her relationships extremely close, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for her to let go of Vicky who has just proposed a successful show idea and has no idea what’s coming! Do you?

To top it all, it’s not just a job loss that Vicky is struggling with. He also introduces us to a core issue addressed in the show- the impact of COVID-19 on Tuberculosis and it’s patients. As an MDR TB patient, Vicky is having a tough time continuing his treatment amidst the lockdown. Incidentally, this has also been the case of many TB patients in India whose medication has hit a pause owing to the Covid 19 scare. And this could be because of lack of options to access treatment, fear of the pandemic and also an existing    lack of awareness.

Into the second episode, this same sentiment rests in Laxmi, Megha’s lockdown ‘daily check-in’’ buddy.  Since Laxmi has a persistent cough, we meet her tested negative for Covid-19. But she is also advised to get a TB test. I quite liked how Megha advises Laxmi to not be scared and go for a test to rule it out. All this  left me wondering about – how I would react if two of my near ones had  been hit by such a crisis amidst a pandemic. My biggest takeaway from MTV Nishedh Alone Together so far, is that there is some sense of reluctance around public health facilities for TB. What’s bothering Vicky and Laxmi is actually a larger concern amongst today’s youth that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

At the end of two episodes, the curious viewer in me is left with a host of questions – How will Megha break the news to Vicky? How will Vicky react to this? Will Vicky and Laxmi visit a govt hospital and find the care they need?  As I join these dynamic youngsters in the next episode, I can’t wait to find answers to these questions and get a glimpse into their world. So join me? And stay tuned.

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