Fans name star after Hansika

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Sunday (August 9) was the birthday of Hansika and fans made the actress feel special by naming a star after her. This gesture has put Hansika on cloud nine.

“You guys know how much i’m obsessed with stars so I am blessed with the best family and friends !! Milky Way Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift than have a star named after me thank you to my amazing people for this. #ANewStarIsBorn,” she wrote on social media.

Hansika shared a certificate which said that “the star with the coordinates RA: 10h 08m 20.0s DEC: +12 00 32.6 was successfully entered into the star-naming registry on August 9,1991. The star has been named Hansika Motwani.”

“Walking into birthday with a lot of sass,” posted Hansika, who shared a picture of the celebrations with her close friends and family. Meanwhile, to mark the occasion, the team of her upcoming film ‘Maha’ released a promo poster.

Director U R Jameel posted, “Wishing a very happy birthday to my heroine and princess #hansikamotwani @ihansika and here is the surpriseposter from team #MAHA #STR @MathiyalaganV9 @EtceteraEntert1 @malikstreams @GhibranOfficial @SanchetiReshma @laxmanmfi @DoneChannel1 @AbrahamEditor @ManimozhianRam2.”


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