C V Kumar reveals some untold secrets

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Producer-director C V Kumar, known for ventures like ‘Attakathi’, ‘Pizza’ and ‘Soodhu Kavvum’, is confident about his comeback movie ‘Titanic’.

“After ‘Maayavan’ loss, my mothr scolded me and wife was sad but dad told them that I am talented and would come back strongly. Today, he is not with me.

My dad has told me that if a work costs one crore, a talented businessman would try to complete in ten lakhs. I’m following his ideology, he also told me to not save money for the future and enjoy it to the fullest, ” he said, while speaking at the audio launch of the movie.

Stating that Gnanavel Raja helped him by buying Attakathi for Rs 4.5 crore when everyone rejected the film, he added: “With that money, I immediately started shooting for ‘Pizza’.

Ranjith shot ‘Attakath’i for fifty-four days but the budget was Rs 1.75crore but the ‘Titanic’ team shot for only twenty-six days but the budget is 2.25 crore. However, I can guarantee that the film will entertain you like ‘Aan Paavam’. The film has love in school, college, and office days.”

He also said: “Nalan Kumarasamy talked about my risk-taking habit. I always love to take risks, if you stay in the comfort zone, nothing will happen. Take the wild route, you would either become king or no one.”


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