Nee Maayavi Lyrical Video | Nee Maayavi | Voice of Venkat (VoV) | Dayanand

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Here is the #Nee Maayavi Lyrical Video. Music by #Dayanand.

Love is an illusion for few. Love turns into an illusion for few. The uncertainty is the one that causes so much pain and that gives a poetic feel to it. Your love may be physically apart from you but your memories always will cherish and keep the love as close as possible for you. There is no love without pain.

Album Name : Nee Maayavi
Track Name : Nee Maayavi
Composer : Dayanand
Artist : Voice of Venkat (VoV)
Lyrics : Piraisudan
Violin : Vijay
Mixed and Mastered : Piraisudan Sound Paradise
Producer : P. Dayanand



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