‘WWW’ team releases Lockdown song



After an interesting ‘118’, renowned  cinematographer and director KV Guhan is coming back again with ‘WWW’ movie.
As we know, the Telangana government implemented lockdown from 12 to 22 May. The makers of ‘WWW’ used this opportunity to release the ‘Who Where Why..Lockdown’ song.
It is a complete fun song which is composed by Simon K King. The lyrics were penned by Roll Rida and he has sung it as well. The song is quite peppy and entertaining which explains the problems many faced during the lockdown.
It was programmed and arranged by Godfray Immanuel. The song featured hero Adith Arun and heroine Sivani Rajasekhar along with others like Viva Harsha and Divya Drishti.
Prem Rakshith choreographed this song and the makes announced that all the Covid guidelines were followed during the filming.
‘WWW’ is the first computer screen thriller in Telugu which is produced by Dr. Ravi Prasad Raju Datla. The story, screenplay, cinematography and direction were taken care of by KV Guhan.



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