Radhika Apte visits UK hospital


Radhika Apte, who shuttles between India and Britain, recently posted a picture of herself wearing a mask and sitting in a hospital in the United Kingdom. This fuelled speculations that she was there for coronavirus tests.

However, the ‘Kabali’ and ‘All in All Azhagu Raja’ actress clarified she was just escorting a friend who had to visit the hospital for a regular pregnancy check up and not for coronavirus.
She wrote: “Hospital visit! #notforcovid19 #nothingtoworry #alliswell #safeandquarantined 😷 just escorting a friend for her regular pregnancy check up!”

She had recently shared her experience at the London airport in view of the outbreak of coronavirus. “For all the many messages from friends and colleagues with concern and curiosity – I am back in London safely. There was no issue at the immigration. It was rather empty had a wonderful chat with them,” sh said.

The Heathrow express was literally empty and barely anyone at Paddington either. That’s all for now! Thank you for all the messages,” she said and added: “BA flight was full (though two days ago when I went to India from London it was empty). The immigration officers had no information to share regarding UK closing borders yet.”

It is to be noted that Radhika Apte’s husband Benedict Taylor is a London-based musician. Hence, the actress, who was last seen in ‘Chithiram Pesuthadi 2’, frequently shuttles between India and Britain.


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