#Elections in Tamilnadu 2021#

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Think before you Ink.

Use your power to empower yourself.

As usual, blaming game have started and media and television channels are busy discussing and having debates fuelling the fire.

MGR is the 3 letter mantra which still dominates the air. Everyone wants to take MGR as their legend and leader.

No one really follows or followed the principles of MGR. He can never be replaced by anyone for the selfless public service he did.

MGR song is being used by every party including the party against whom certain songs were made.

Politics have become clearly a business venture. Invest today, to reap over multiples in return in the next 5 years.

Public/People to be blamed as we also have become business people to take advantage and make some money during elections or get some bottles of alcohol or some buckets of Briyani.

The essence of democracy is sacrificed clearly. The muscle power is controlled by money power and the poor remains poor.

Good politicians have gone off and very few remaining do not get respected for short of money or muscle power.

High time to think before you ink. At least choose the best out of the worst option.

I would like to bring to limelight the various requirements of the people of this State everyday from today from my perspective keeping only the good of the people.

Be aware and beware.

By Vasan. Suri

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