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Episode – 3

God is Nowhere

Know, where is God

God is Now here.

Our good intention and good thoughts and action reveal God, during our tough times.

Important for a person to be selfless in whatever he does and rest is taken care by the supreme power.

Every religion talks about this and your thoughts, intention and action need to be good, to realise God.

God saves a devout person in times of difficulties and carries that person is his shoulders.

In 1996, due to closure of tanneries in the South, I was forced to move the business to Solapur.

After a month or so, took up another tannery on lease at Malegaon and the distance was approximately 415 kms.

I had the fire in me to take up the challenge of running two units at two different places and was fully backed up by my team.

They would do anything at my command. The connect I had with them, is even maintained till today with the same level of respect.

All workers were taken from Ambur as local workers refused to work and they were all given the best treatment and business was booming.

I was traveling weekly twice by road for checking on the tannery and raw material purchases.

Shirdi was on the way and 100kms from Malegaon and if traveling from Solapur 315kms.

General travel time used to be late night by car and arrive early morning at Shirdi, have Poha and tea and move on.

Though I could see people crossing over the road to go to the temple, I never had any thought to go there.

I felt that a saint temple is there and my work is my worship and I used to carry on and never went inside.

This went on for nearly 4 years and at the later part of 1999, there was a similar situation as today of market crashing internationally.

Though it was limited to only leather business and that too in one particular type of leather. Many people were thrown out of proportion including me.

I was totally shattered and feeling low and was getting in to telephone (STD Booth) to make a call. I was telling the other person that, market had collapsed and I can only be saved by Blessing of God.

Saying this, as I turned back, I saw a sticker of “Shirdi Sai Baba” which said “why fear, when I am here”.

This ignited the confidence in me and felt bad that, I did not care to go to the temple which was on the road which I was traveling so many days and that power is giving me these hopeful words.

I immediately went over to the Saibaba temple on the ECR and fell flat at his feet.

As I had gone through a tough situation, similar to today’s situation 21 years ago, my mind goes with all those owners who are undergoing such pressure and pain today with business crumbling from all sides.

Challenges are on the rise and survival have become a question mark. I get in to their shoes and can feel well their situation today.

That is how, I am posting always motivational and practical suggestions to keep them all up in spirits during this crisis period.

I know how God carried me during my tough times and I feel it is my responsibility to be of some value to all these owners.

Strange about some people, who even after Corona proving that only good thoughts, intention and action can save you and money has no value.

They call me to know how much I get to write these articles and worst was one person asking me, as to what he would get if he helped me to have more people connected.

My life have taught the values in a different way and I only feel sorry for such people who have not realised that it is not all about money.

Coming back to where I left, within next 6 months from that day of going to ECR temple, I had the blessing to visit Shirdi.

This time no car or driver and I go by Bus and reach there. As I get in to the temple, had my Darshan and was walking around the temple, I see the inscriptions on the wall, which said,

“Even thousand horses cannot get you here, until I want you here”.

Tears ran down from my eyes and again I went back inside the temple and had a heartful Darshan.

I was feeling stripped off in front of the Almighty. I felt the pure Bliss over there, which All my power, money and status could not give.

Readers, these all are true incidents of my life and I am sharing not to impose any particular faith. Believe and trust the way you see or realise the Supreme power. That is more important.

These true life stories are only to bring about the fact that, only good thoughts, intention and actions shall save you. Nothing else.

All the good deeds protected me from worst situations and this experience made me more pious and trying to be more helpful, unmindful of any benefits.

If any of you is feeling low and demoralised at this time due to the after effects of global pandemic and lockdown, please believe in any form or without form of the Almighty and keep praying whenever you have even a minute free, you will see sailing through smoothly during these tough times.

God Be with us all always. 🙏

By Vasan. Suri

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