Vivekh says Vadively inspires meme creators a lot

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Vivekh, who is a regular on social media, recently posted a meme featuring him and appreciated meme creators for their wit and criticising everyone in the country.

To this, a fan responded saying that Vadivelu is the leader of meme creators. Vivekh answered: “True. No one made an impact for meme creators like Vadivelu. Long live his comedy work”.

It is to be noted that Vivekh and Vadivelu were considered competitors in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But this reply of Vivek has won the hearts of many.

Vivekh recently posted the principles the three top stars of Tamil cinema- Rajinikanth, Ajitih and Vijay- follow in their lives. He said he was impressed with Rajinikanth’s policy of not talking ill about others.

He said ignoring negativity is his favourite principle which Vijay sticks to. On Ajith, he said the actor’s policy of live and let others was his favourite principle.

Vivekh further said Kamal Haasan was a great artiste who is knowledgeable about all crafts of cinema. When a fan asked about Sivakarthikeyan, he lauded the ‘Rajini Murugan’ actor for his kind heart.


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