Tollywood reacts to government’s decision

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Rashmi Gautam has welcomed the government of India’s decision to ban 59 China-based mobile apps.

The actress posted: “I wish the ban is permanent But even if they do manage to come back They need to filter content Can’t have animal killing or insensitive abuse stuff on it That had become the new normal for views”.

Nikhil Siddharth stated, “TIKTOK shudnt be banned… as long as they respect our country.. our life and DEMOCRACY “Period” #tiktokbanindia”.

Sundeep Kishan, in a chat with Nikhil, said, “My instant reaction was the same mama but Banning these apps is a necessary Bold Move.. what the Chinese Government is upto is atrocious,We are at loss of Employment as we well but has to be viewed as collateral damage in the view of Narional Interest..”

He added, “Tik Tok was evaluated as a $75 Billion company in Jan 2020 & is one of the Top tax payers in China…we are pretty much funding a Nation which is attacking us.. It’s actually a cool app which should have had better security & privacy features..Unfortunate for them to lose #India”.


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