Thugs – Review by Naveen


Thrills and chills 


– Review


Hridhu Haroon lands in a jail due to circumstances. He meets Bobby Simha and Munishkanth there. 
Hridhu plans to escape from the prison along with Bobby and Munishkanth with the help of a few other inmates. 
Why did Hridhu want to leave the jail? Did he succeed in his escape plan along with the other inmates? Who are Bobby and Munishkanth? What’s their backstory forms the rest of the story. 
The story written by Shibu Thameens is predictable at times, but what makes it interesting is the neat screenplay. Brindha shines as the director and has delivered a completely different film from her previous outing. 
Hridhu Haroon delivers a neat performance as a lover who goes to any extent for his love. His character and realistic performance are one of the major highlights of the movie.
As usual delivers his best and ably supports Hridhu throughout the film. Munishkanth’s comedy timing is so good and he evokes laughs when the film is running on a serious note. 
Anaswara Rajan looks beautiful and shines in her role. Cinematography by Priyesh Guruswamy and the background score by Sam CS make the film more engaging.

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen


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