‘The Village’ OTT release date announced

Amazon Prime Video on Thursday unveiled the teaser of Arya’s upcoming Tamil web series, ‘The Village’, along with its premiere date.
The series is helmed by Milind Rau, who is known for his horror series.
The first season of the new Tamil series will premiere on the streaming platform on November 24.
The spine-chilling first glimpse of ‘The Village’ promises a horror series that Tamil web series fans have long awaited.
Judging from the teaser, it seems the showrunners have explored the theme of the undead in the new series.
We get glimpses of a zombie-like creature emerging from a blood-soaked tree. And the monster is very nimble, and fast and shows a deadly intent when attacking its victims.
In ‘The Village’, Arya seems to be leading the fight against the relentless killing spree of the monstrous entity. The series also stars Ashwin Kkumar, Abishek Kumar, Pooja Ramachandran, Muthukumar and Pillai Divya among others.

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