Tamannaah gets back in shape

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Tamannaah was one of the celebrities affected by coronavirus before few months and had recovered from the virus after being treated at a hospital.

Post Covid-19 recovery, the actress revealed in several interviews that she had gained weight after quarantine protocols.

Tamannaah has taken up to Instagram to reveal that she is back to her pre-Covid body. Tamannaah posted a stunning video of her working out in the gym, captioned “You don’t have to be extreme, just be consistent. ??️‍♀️ 2 months of consistent, supervised workout routines with @devimeena and @kirandembla, and I’m back to my pre-covid body! ???? In your face Covid-19 ?? #BeStrongerThanYourExcuse #MakeItHappen #BeastMode #doiteveryday” and this video has turned viral.

Tamannaah last acted in Vishal’s ‘Action’. The actress was praised for her performance in the film. The film was directed by Sundar C.


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