Special bonding between Nayanathara-Katrina Kaif

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Nayanthara and Katrina Kaif, top actresses of Kollywood and Bollywood, respectively, have mutual admiration for each other and share a close bonding. This was visible when Katrina had roped in Nayanthara for a promotional photoshoot in October 2019.

At that time, she praised Nayanthara and called her as ‘generous and gracious’. Recently, Katrina hailed the ‘Aram’ and ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’ actress as a fighter.

“I found Nayanthara very stunning as well as I find her very strong. She comes across as a fighter. And there’s also something in her.. in her way of work..,” said the Hindi actress.

Heaping more praises on Nayanthara, Katrina said further: “She’s been working from a very young age and she’s very meticulous. She knows her work and she is very particular. I kind of resonated with that.”

She added: “So when she was on set, I was telling my team that it’s kind of like watching a mirror of yourself where you understand. You know when people say your particular but you understand why that person is like that. It was a magical day.”


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