Sivakumar faces flak for throwing a fan’s gift on the floor

Veteran actor Sivakumar receives flak for how he behaved at an event in Chennai. The actor, Suriya and Karthi’s father, attended a book launch in the city.
But more than the book, it is the incident that took place behind-the-scenes that drew everyone’s attention.
In the video, Sivakumar can be seen reacting with scorn towards a fan who wanted to give him a gift.
An old man can be seen approaching him with a smile on his face and a shawl in his hand, but Sivakumar was in no mood for it.
He can be seen grabbing the shawl and throwing it on the ground before making his way through the crowd with his entourage.
When someone handed the fan the shawl, Sivakumar can be seen refusing to take it from him again and leaving.
This is not the first time Sivakumar has lost his cool at an event. In 2018, he made headlines when he knocked down a fan’s phone from their hand when they tried to click a selfie with him.

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