Rajini reaches Chennai, to be in complete rest

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Superstar Rajinikanth who was getting treated for blood pressure fluctuation at the Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has returned to Chennai.

The actor has been advised by the doctors to take best rest for a week. He was admitted to the hospital on 25 December with ‘severe hypertension and exhaustion’ and was discharged after his blood pressure stabilised.

In addition to medication and diet, the 70-year-old actor has been advised ‘minimal physical activity and avoid stress,’ Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, said a statement.

“In view of his post-transplant status, labile hypertension and age he has to be in complete bed rest for one week with regular monitoring of his blood pressures and has also been counselled to avoid any activity that increases the risk of contracting Covid-19,” the statement added.


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