Rajini not to enter politics due to health


Actor Rajinkanth today backed down from his decision of floating a political party.

In a three page statement, he apologised to the fans and followers for his decision.

“Only I know the pain of announcing this. I know that this move will disappoint the people and I apologise for it. At a time when my health condition is so bad. I think I will not be able to carry out election campaign. When it is difficult to monitor a shooting spot with just 120 members it will be quiet difficult to carry out election works with the involvement of lakhs of people. I am not interested in carrying out election campaigns just online as well. It will not fulfil the type of politics that I want to carry forward,” the statement read.

However, he said that the Rajini Makkal Mandram will continue to function as usual.

“I will continue to contribute to the society as much as I can outside the electoral politics,” he said.

Rajini was admitted to a private hospital in Hyderabad with ‘severe hypertension and exhaustion’. He was discharged on December 27 after his blood pressure stabilised and was advised a week’s rest by doctors.


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