Parthiepan, Vetrimaaran, Karthi, Vidyasagar pay rich tributes to SPB

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Many celebrities paid emotional tributes to S P Balasubrahmanyam at a legendary meet organised for the late singer.

Sivakumar said, “SPB is younger to me. The first song he sang for me was Malligai Poo Vangivandhen in Paal Kudam in 1969. Though he sang Iyarkai Enum Edhai Kanne and Aiyiram Nilave Vaa for MGR’s film but Paal Kudam released first. Looking at this, he sang his first song for me. KB sir has worked in more than 100 films and among his favourite five films three films are mine… Solathaan Ninaikiren, Agni Saatchi, Sindhu Bhairavi. In Agni Saatchi he sung Kanakanum Kangal mella, one of my favourite songs. I can never forget that song. My brother Balu is a good artist, he made songs out of his breathe for more than 50 years, otherwise how could have sung more than 40000 songs.”

Bharathiraja said, “Millions of people heart he lived as Isai Dheivam, he was friend, SPB. A few things can’t be shared. We were friends for more than 50 years. He was a good human being more than a good singer. He even respects a children. He never had the smallest of pride that he has sung so many songs. I can’t imagine he is not here. It is a huge loss to the people not only his family. There is no compensation for his loss. I don’t know how to console his family. We have to be a good human being like him that is the biggest tribute to him.”

Parthiepan said, “Mic might convey my words, but not my sorrow. Even the mic would be filled with sorrow. It was almost like a muse to SPB for over 50 years. He was very close to heart. Raja sir went to Thiruvannamalai. I went to Kalikambal temple. Rahman sir wants us to celebrate SPB, but I don’t know how. Charan and I might have different names, but our emotions are the same.”

Vetrimaaran said, “How can a person be so generous in appreciating others. SPB is the voice of 4 generations of South Indians. When we watch the video of SPB sir, it feels like he is still with us. There can be no one who can show so much love and affection to others. SPB is love and forgiveness. He is always going to live with us. SPB’s personality and voice will live beyond us.”

Singer Chithra said, “My first meeting was in 1984-85 for Punnagai Mannan song recording. Since then, I’ve sung the most number of songs with him. I’ve learnt a lot from him. From how to pronounce to the expressions, and even encouraging fellow musicians. I still have his notes explaining me how to pronounce Telugu. He was always concerned for musicians. Let me give an example. At a concert in the US, we had three days of continuous concerts. After the second day, when we went back to the hote, SPB sir’s room was ready, but musicians’ were still getting done. So, he said that he wanted their rooms to be readied first and that he wouldn’t leave for his room until then.”

Vidyasagar said, “Across south India for 50 years, the three years, SPB was part of our society. Everyone feels like they have lost someone in their own family, not just because of his singing, but because of how he moved with people. Many would have understood his nature by seeing the videos of his public appearances. His cultured manner, and humanity is what is making us miss him.He was like a godfather to me. We would have spent more hours in my recording studio talking about our favourite music than recording the song. Every singer would want their voice to sound good in a song, but Balu sir always wanted to convey what the music director wanted. That’s why his voice is different across the thousands of songs he has sung.”

Karthi said, “A few people live to make other people happy. I grew up with his songs. He is like nature to me. We have gone to sleep listening to Kanakanum Kangal mella song. I put my daughter to sleep by singing that song. Everyone feel someone close to their family has passed away, I don’t think we will ever get over this. When we see his videos, we realise he has been as sweet a human as his songs. I am honoured that he sung a song for me last year. When he reached the studio, he greeted everybody on the way. How can someone love everyone so much, that’s what I have been telling people, we should try to live like SPB sir. That is the biggest lesson I take from him.”


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