Now, Suriya earns the wrath of Hindu & Tamil activists for supporting Jyothika

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A statement released by Suriya, supporting his wife Jyothika for her speech on temples, has not gone down well with a few sections of Hindu and Tamil groups. They have been criticising the actor for blindlly supporting his spouse ‘without understanding the issue’.

They wanted to know why both Suriya and Jyothika were talking about temples alone, and not about other places. “Suriya could have simply said Jyothika meant all places of worship and not temples alone. But he did not say so,” said Muthu, a BJP member.

Days after Jyothika said that people should donate to hospitals and schools instead of temples and attracted huge criticism, Suriya issued the statement on Tuesday.

He said,  “A comment made by my wife Jyothika at an award function long ago has been doing the rounds online and has led to debates as well. Jyothika has put forth the thought that as temples are held in high regard, schools and hospitals should be maintained in the same regard. Some people have been offended by this and equated it to a crime.”

“Such thoughts have also been esposued by spiritual leaders like Vivekanandha. Serving people is like serving God, and this is a belief that has been held in our society for a long time, even by people like Thirumoolar. But those who don’t folow these writings or learning, won’t even try to understand this,” he added.


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