Kamal talks about SPB’s last moments

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Kamal Haasan paid rich tributes to S P Balasubrahmanyam at a memorial prayer meet organised for the legendary singer who passed away last week.

“When I got the news that he might not live long, I’m neither a pessimist nor an optimist, I understood… I could see there was fatigue in his body language. He never used to be that way. I still hoped he’d recover and sent him a video message as per Charan’s request,” Kamal said.

“I hope he had seen that. When I went to comfort Charan, I kind of knew that we were at the climax of this epic. Tears welled up in me, but I controlled myself. I wanted to be a source of comfort for Charan, who is younger than me.

I’d become quiet after that while speaking about him. But the sorrow has been building up all along. I thought it was happening only to me, but I saw it in everyone I spoke to, and I think it will last for 10 more days. Everyone is playing his songs, they reminisce about me, K Viswanath sir, Balachander, Ek Dujje Ke Liye… Yaanai irandhaalum aayiram pon-gra maadhiri he remains a mahaan who is still useful for us,” he added.

On his journey with SPB, he said, “Some friendships form due to circumstances, common friends and profession even if you stay apart after a ‘hello’. That’s how Balu sir became Balu garu and then Annaya for me.”

“If he had only been singing Telugu songs, he’d have sung only for Maro Charitra. But since he was a pan-Indian singer, especially one who journeyed along with me. Whichever language I went to, Annaya garu’s voice came along as a source of strength. For some north Indian heroes, his voice was a tool to sustain their market. He’d have stopped me from saying this if he were alive, but I guess I can say this now… this kind of achievement is impossible for any other singer, even singers whom he worshipped. What kind of statistic is 40,000-plus songs! Even if we take his career to be 54 years, that would have been possible only if he had sung more than two songs a day!” Kamal added.

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