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Why do we call the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as “Gandhi Jayanthi”?

Krishna was born in the month of Sraavana, in Ashtami tithi, in the star Rohini, and the time of birth was midnight. This muhurtha is called Jayanthi. This coming together of various factors at a particular time is called Jayanthi.

Similarly, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is being celebrated as “Gandhi Jayanthi”.

“Jayanti” also meant victorious. Mahatma Gandhi is recognised as the “Father of the Nation” leading the whole movement of freedom fight along with many others who sacrificed their life and wealth.

Indian got freedom and the movement became victorious.

Today, where is Gandhi?
He is only seen smiling in the rupee notes at the crazy & greedy way, people go behind in accumulating his smiling notes, in all unscrupulous ways possible.

Many a times, he feels suffocated and finds it hard to breathe, as he is kept in basements and many stages down the basements, concealed between the walls etc.,

The reason for printing the smiling Mahatma, is to spread the smiles among the poor and under privileged and for the benefit of the society.

Instead, many have prisoned the smiling Mahatma, sweating.

There used to be a joke or that could have been a real story.

There is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the shores of the famous “Marina Beach” in Chennai.

Many chennaites refer this place as Gandhi Beach, as the statue is there. Here, the Mahatma is seen standing with his stick in the hand.

Looking back through my memories, when power cut was there in Chennai 35 years ago, to get some woven leather, rose wood polished, we used to find light around this area and get the work done, with the pressure of shipments.
Many nights we have slept on the walk ways and used to be woken up by early morning walkers.

One of our friend, jovially
mentioned that, in one such night Gandhiji came down from the position of statue and asked him that, why he was not made to sit in a chair or an horse or elephant, like other statues of Chatrapati Shivaji, Jhansi Rani etc.,

My friend took this complaint seriously and went to the Minister and asked him to come and sleep and listen to Gandhiji’s complaint and take action.

The next night when Gandhiji came down and asked my friend, as to what did he do about the complaint, he immediately showed the hands towards the Minister and that is why he is here.

Gandhiji immediately got angry and said, young man i am surprised that, i asked for a Horse to sit on and you get me a Donkey.

Time to introspect and retrospect and remember leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Karuma Veerar Kamarajar and walk by their principles of life where they all died as paupers not amassing any wealth for themselves.

Let us make our Mahatma smile seeing many faces not get limited to some faces or in to suffocation.

Jai Hind!

By Vasan Suri

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