Dhanush to pay tax for car


Madras High Court came down heavily on Dhanush for requesting an exemption from paying the import fee after importing a Rolls Royce car back in 2015.

He had already paid 50 per cent of the import fee which roughly amounts to Rs 30 lakh and requested the court to exempt him from paying the remaining amount. The plea was lodged in 2015.

“Common people are paying taxes. Every person who buys a bar of soap and fills petrol for ever Rs 50 is paying tax to the government. Why can’t VIPs like you pay the taxes promptly? Will your Rolls Royce Cars fly in the air? They too will have to go on the roads that are laid with taxpayers’ money. You will have to pay the import fee for your car. Even if you buy a helicopter you have to pay the relevant taxes. There are no two ways about it,” the Judge said.

Dhanush’s counsel agreed to pay the remaining import fee by 9 August. The remaining fee which roughly amounts to around Rs 30 lakh.


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