#Amrit Mahotsav – 75 years of Independence# Awakening article VI Essential Supplies – Their commitment to the Society. -Spl.article by Vasan Suri



The term “Essential Supplies” became popular during the lockdown period of Covid-19.

We never felt the importance of these supply chain people until the Covid-19 lockdown period.

The milk vendor who would reach our doors every morning, The Vegetable vendor who used to come street by streets during the day or have a corner shop, selling always fresh vegetables for us, The provision or grocery stores who would deliver any order over phone due to the close proximity or reachable at any time, the fruit shop, the medical stores.

All these people got in to Swift action and kept us filled with all our requirements. They never bothered about any transmission of diseases or virus as they have had to entertain each and every one of that area.

Did they see any discrimination of any religion, caste, community or language or region? Absolute NO.

Their only aim was to provide the requirements of the people living around in that area. Risking their lives and adhering to Covid-19 norms and restrictions, they supported the community.

Why we should be getting carried away with such divisive tactics. Indians are soft, emotional by nature and we love each other and Feel for each other, though we may have had a misunderstanding with our neighbour the earlier day.

Our Unity is our strength and that is the strongest pillar on which our Nation is standing strong.

“INDIA is my Country. All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters and I love my Country” is the first part of our Pledge right from our school days.

We can never forget it.

Be Indian, Being Indian is our strength.

Jai Hind!

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

By Vasan Suri


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