Alisha Abudlla worried about Ajith

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Popular racer and model Alisha Abdullah is a fan of Ajith and she is worried that people don’t respect his privacy when the actor comes out and they don’t even allow him to walk.

She pointed out that after Ajith, who attended a racing event (remember the ‘thala’ himself was a racer), was surrounded by hundreds of people that he could not even walk, which forced him not to make public appearances.

She tweeted: “The reason Ajith sir doesn’t come out in public, people don’t give him privacy,this was one of the events on the race track, where people didn’t allow him to even walk.Another pic of our thala @ajithFC sir he couldn’t even move an inch, this as the last day he decided not to come out.”

Last year, the Chennai-based woman racer made Ajith fans go crazy, after she posted an old video of the ‘thala’ wishing her good luck and readying to take a ride on her superbike.

Posting the video on Twitter, she wrote: “5 years ago … when he wished me and took a ride on my Superbike 😍 …. #alishaabdullah #ajith @ajithFC.” Remember Ajith is a bike and car racer too.

Soon after Alisha’s post, Ajith fans started sharing it multiple times and also posted multiple comments and likes. They heaped laurels on their favourite star’s racing skills.


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