Ajith birthday special: The ‘thala’ that he is – F’day Spl. article by Naveen

May 1 is typically related to International Workers’ Day. However, for actor Ajith Kumar fans it’s ‘Thala’ day because it is that the actor’s birthday.
Despite the tremendous success and recognition he enjoys, Ajith has always been someone who is in-tuned with reality and cares for the commoner . His philanthropy isn’t something he talks about or sends out press releases on, but he’s well-known for it.
Given the coronavirus pandemic, last year Ajith requested his fans not to celebrate his birthday.
He disbanded his fan club some years back and told his fans to serve the people in every way they will instead of just celebrate him. His fans, in return, have remained ever loyal to him and actually , have made him one among the most important celebs on social media today.
One area in life that he religiously stays faraway from is politics. Ajith has always been clear that he would never enter the political sphere either ‘directly or indirectly’ and he has never openly supported any party . “I have my very own likes and dislikes when it involves politics. I even have neither imposed my politics on anyone nor have I allowed anyone to impose theirs on mine. I even have never liked my photographs or name to be related to any political event,” he reiterated in 2019.
He further steers beyond making any political statements in his films too.
The star is additionally someone who has forged his own path within the Tamil movie industry . He came into the movie industry in 1990 and has seen his justifiable share of ups and downs. Today, he’s one among the highest action stars but in 2003, he decided to show to a different passion he has – racing. Ajith dabbled in racing for a couple of years before fans called him to his primary love – films. Now, he’s a fanatical photographer and loves aeromodelling.
All these made Ajith more dear to his fans. Not just his, even those who work with him, can’t stop gushing about him. Many of his co-stars have spoken about how he likes to cook for them on set while others have marvelled about what proportion of a gentleman he’s .
It is easy for an actor to be a ‘star’ but not many are often a sort of a regular person once they interact with others. With Ajith, that’s what’s striking. There are not any airs when one meets him and he goes out of his thanks to confirm the opposite person is comfortable. nobody features a bad word to mention about him which is testimony to his stellar personality and character.
Not many are aware that Ajith started his career as a toddler artiste, very similar to his counterparts like Kamal Haasan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan to call a couple of . He was seen making a teeny tiny appearance within the song from the 1990 film, ‘En Veedu En Kanavar’.
Reportedly, Ajith wasn’t very fluent in Tamil before making a mark within the Tamil movie industry . That’s why the then struggler Chiyaan Vikram dubbed for his initial films like ‘Amaravathi’ and ‘Paasamalargal’. They later teamed up to figure during a film ‘Ullaasam’ which received mixed reviews from the critics.

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