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Remember those good old days when the success of a film was celebrated with the ‘Running successfully for 50 days, 75 days, 100 days’ poster and advertisements.

However, with more number of movies releasing with every passing year, more number of theatres, rise of piracy and other forms of entertainment, the success celebrations were reduced to ‘Successfully running for one week and one month’.

Post lockdown, we have now arrived at a time when even a three days successful run at the theatres are being celebrated.
Theatres were reopened in Tamil Nadu on 10 November, after relaxation was announced in the Covid 19 lockdown rules.

When the theatres were reopened a few movies were re-released. Gradually new movies with small budgets were released in the theatres.

Continuing the trend of releasing new movies on Friday, a few movies were released last week Friday as well. Films such as ‘En Peyar Anandhan’, ‘Ulti’, ‘Aarvakolaru’, ‘Punidham’,  ‘Kaval Thurai Ungal Nanban’ were released last Friday.

As a reflection of how difficult it is for the film industry at present, all these movies have given advertisements stating that their movies have run successfully for three days.

Film buffs say that if the situation does not improve, then there will come a time when movies will even celebrate the running of three shows in theatres.

Rajesh, a film buff said that while theatres were closed during the lockdown, the presence of OTT has also increased. People have now got used to watching movies in OTT. Despite several theatres are opened for almost two weeks, not much audience are seen at the theatres. If the same situation continues, then it will be a big blow for the theatre business.


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