James Michael Tyler AKA Gunther’s funniest FRIENDS moments

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James Michael Tyler, the man behind FRIENDS’ omnipresent Central Perk barista ‘Gunther’ passed away this Sunday and we do not want to believe that at all. Tyler shared in June 2021 that he had been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

Known for his ‘bright as the sun’ hair and unrequited crush on Rachel, Gunther popped up in 150 of the long-running sitcom’s 235 episodes. The waiter and manager at coffee house Central Perk gradually became a fan favourite over the sitcom’s 10-year run. And long after the show ended, he kept close ties to the Friends brand.

Today, on this very unfortunate day, Comedy Central reminisces about the actor by airing FRIENDS at 8 PM. Here are some of his most witty quotes which cracked us with rib-tingling laughter. He shall remain alive in our hearts always. Adieu Gunther!

  1. “What does Rachel see in this guy? I love Rachel. I wish she was my wife.” (Season 3, Episode 7)
  1. “Oh, like you don’t already have everything?” (Season 3, Episode 8)

3.  “Hey, buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house.” (Season 3, Episode 13)

4. “I dropped a cup.” (Season 3, Episode 19)

      5. “Jij hebt seks met ezels.” (Season 8, Episode 7)

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