SPB’s health: Doctors to arrive from abroad?


Medical experts in India and abroad have been consulted by doctors of a Chennai hospital who are providing treatment to veteran singer S P Balasubrahmanyam, while celebrities and fans across the world conducted mass prayers at 6 pm Thursday for his speedy recovery.

Sources said foreign doctors are currently providing video consultation and they would visit SPB if it is needed. Meanwhile, in a latest video statement, the singer’s son S P Charan said, “There has not been much development in my father’s health condition so far. So I realise that there is not much to update.

But again, as I said there is hope, we are keeping that hope alive, and the faith alive. We are confident that all the prayers that are being showered upon him and his family, is definitely going to help him recover as early as possible.”

Charan added: “I would also like to thank the film industry and the music industry all over the country, who are getting together who are getting together this evening at 6 p.m for a mass prayer for my father. We as a family are very grateful for this love and affection and the prayers for my father from all over the world.”


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