#Naveen unveils a new book and author# – Book – “Fly out like a Phoenix” – Author – Vasan. Suri

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Vasan. Suri

Dear Patrons, friends & well wishers of www.mykollywood.com

I am happy and proud to announce the launch and publishing of the book titled “Fly out like a Phoenix”.

I am proud because this book is a compilation of articles of my younger brother & deputy in business Vasan. Suri.

I am happy because, he joined with me as a young boy of 18 years of age, on 1st July 1982.
Exactly after 38 years, he is publishing this book.

We both have maintained our relationship as brothers though, he regards me as his “Leather Guru” and now even in his writing.

I would connect this relationship as between Rajnikanth and SP. Muthuraman.

Vasan. Suri, has the knack of putting things together in an interesting way even when he was young and improved with times the art of writing.

He wrote an article on 22nd March and sent it to me and that is where I found that, he should be moulded to be a good writer.

From that day, until today he has been writing articles through my website mykollywood.com and touching every social and economical, religious, education and every aspect of life.

I found the articles were of simple expressions and the way he constructs the subject matter and includes his life experiences, which makes the articles interesting to read.

Further, he walks on a thin line in his writings touching political lines but not really getting in to controversy.

I request you all to continue your patronage in promoting his book and writing as this book only covers up to Lockdown 2.0 and the other books are in the making.

The articles are motivational and gives necessary strength to fly out of the ashes like a Phoenix.

This book will be available as e-book and also as paperback in www.amazon.com & www.amazon.in

– Naveen


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