Meera Chopra is upset

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Meera Chopra aka Nila is saddened that one of her friends lost both his parents to the deadly Covid-19. The actress took to social media and advised everyone to wear masks while stepping out to protect themselves from the pandemic.

‘One of my friend lost both his parents to covid few days bak. First mom and yesterday dad. Iam shocked and sad. #COVID19 is killing people. Things are opening but its not safe. Go out, meet people only if its required. Plz Wear masks!!” she posted.

On movies releasing on digital platforms, she said recently, “New movies releasing on ott is just not happening, no excitement to watch them. I really hope producers wait for cinemas to open. Movies are primarily made for big screen, and i wish that does not change in future.”

Meera was recently in the news after she lodged complaints with the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments after fans of NTR Junior abused her.

She also posted about nepotism following the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. “Its really not about #nepotism, but an emotional exploitation of an actor which happens on daily basis in bollywood, and just bcoz of ur twisted whims and fancies!” she wrote.

“Lots of people including me, wants to break the silence as to why actors commit suicide in this industry, what brings them to the edge. How does the system works against you, and how some directors exploit you emotionally and ruthlessly. (the wise ones never do and education plays a big part here) Ive been there and I still get subjected to it,” she said.


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