Education is the priority – Educate Social living, Ethical Values, Being Human – Spl. Article by Vasan. Suri

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Dr. Simon Hercules stood by his name Hercules in heralding the HOPE Hospital. He had linked like minded Doctors and Specialists all around Chennai teamed up to serve the public at a very nominal cost. The whole concept of creating the HOPE Hospital to only give hope to hopeless.

As a Hospital, they never used their Hospital and service to make money. I never met him. But, have met some of the General Physician and Dental Doctors connected with the HOPE Team. They considered medical profession as a service and not for money.

Unfortunate, that this was meted out after his death is surprising. Further, how so many people could gather and protest at that time. These people need to be condemned. All political parties across party lines were united in creating a population of uneducated and poor class.

This has remained their vote bank. I witnessed how uneducated people used to be taken for a ride in Bihar over the years for political gains. These people can get erupted even at a very small incident and create havoc. They don’t really understand why they are doing.

Anti social elements get in to their garb and use it to their advantage. Today, all media n channels have been very busy reporting this the whole day. Can this bring awareness? Education will be the key to our Country and State, Street. Time to talk about quality education.🙏

By Vasan. Suri


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