#Covid19#Healthy politics#Selfless service#Great feeling# by Vasan Suri


1. Media for a change reporting only socially concerned news. – Only about Corona. Less of unwanted fights.

2. No MLA hijacking or horse trading.
All are concerned at the moment only on their State and how to keep the Virus count down.

3. Political parties across political lines coming together except for few stray incidents.
Every MLA and MP working at ground level in their constituency.

4. CM’s backing PM and the decision taken. Great way of togetherness and if consensus can be reached on every policy matter like this, our Nation will be leading the World.

5. Distribution of food and essentials all over the Country by various political parties, filmi fan associations, Rotary members, Lions Club members and other NGO’s.

6. Selfless service by all health workers, Nurses, Doctors, Media and Policemen on duty.

7. Respectable support by grocery shop owners and vegetable vendors and medical shops at the time of National crisis and emergency.

8. Local support staff and garbage cleaners in residential areas. They are giving their best at this time of Lockdown.

9. Health given all importance over Wealth.

Let us be united always and lead the World.


By Vasan.Suri

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