#Covid-19#Relaxation of Lockdown# Don’t take it easy # Respect the sacrifice of the Covid Warriors. -Sunday Spl article by Vasan. Suri


It is a good news the rise in Covid 19 cases is brought under some control.

The number of people treated and saved from the virus is also a welcome news.

The Government is planning to relax in the districts marked Green which did not have any covid 19 cases past 3 weeks and Yellow marked districts which have minimum cases.

Still, there are lot of Districts with Red color and declared as Hotspot. And which will be under strict restrictions.

The relaxation should not be taken easily and please avoid unnecessary movements and maintain social distancing.

As some articles mentioned today, that the Virus cannot be eliminated and it can only be allowed its Natural death by keeping indoors and maintaining social distancing.

We are still to invent any vaccine to protect ourselves from the Virus. Till such time .”prevention is better than cure”.

Before we relax, let us think of the sacrificial life led by all the Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers and innumerable Policemen and Media people, who have kept awake and leaving their families served all of us. And ensured our safety.

We need to maintain all discipline and social distancing and avoid unnecessary movements, respecting the sacrifices of these selfless people.

Ramadan month is starting from the 25th April and requesting all Islamic Brothers and Sisters to take care and follow the social distancing at every step.

Any small mistake will allow the virus to flare up and we all will be going under lockdown again. More than us, imagine the plight of these selfless people who would be yearning to go back to their families.

The more we control our impulsiveness, the faster can they go home. They have done enough for all of us and it is time to show our respect and gratitude to those selfless Doctors and all the Covid Warriors.

Please understand and imagine that they have been spending more than 12 hours in their PPE suit under such humid conditions and all these pains they take only, to save our family people or friends who have got affected with the Virus.

Further, they have helped us to live peacefully with our family members. Is it not time the time that we should show our gratitude and good feelings for them.

Let us all be responsible citizens and act accordingly.

Jai Hind!

By Vasan. Suri


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