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Greetings to all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters. Wishing that all your prayers during the month of Ramadan will be answered by the Almighty.

The month of Ramadan is considered a very special and blessed month as per Islam.

It is said that the almighty revealed the Quran through his messenger, during this sacred month.

The significance of fast is such, that Allah forgives all your sins to lead a purified life henceforth. One must observe the fasting, take care of the feeding of the poor and the under privileged, give Zakat and some even exercise, I’tikaaf (Staying the last 10 days of Ramadan month at the Mosque).

I have gained this knowledge being with my Muslim friends right from my school days.

Let us all pray for the well-being of all our Muslim friends and God Bless them the best way to carry out all the duties as prescribed in Quran like fasting, giving alms, Zakat, I’tikaaf (staying at the mosque during the last 10 days of fasting) & Taraweeh (reciting the holy Quran every day in parts during the Ramadan month)

It is said that going to Umra during Ramadan is equal to doing the pilgrimage of Haj.

The present situation of Corona Virus, does not allow many of the procedures otherwise, followed by Muslims.

This is also a decree of God, on our humanity to think and introspect as to why, what and how?

Corona coming in to the World is a blessing one way, as many of us across all religious lines have forgotten our faith and duty towards the Society and the God which is love and compassion towards mankind. And we have all been given a chance to correct and it is now or never.

We all have got entangled in our daily chores so much that, our greed for money have made us all forget the humanity.

Do we all realize and recognize that, we all have been forced to stay away from Mosques, Temples, Churches, Gurudwara and many other worship places. God has shut his door on us or banned us from entering his premises. He knows that whatever mistakes we do, He will be kind to us. Since, we have taken that kindness too far, He has decided to shut his door.

Why? The supreme power which is the only one and we may call by any name, we like, is upset with all of us, that neither we have been going to these holy places regularly, citing various reasons and excuses nor not concentrating on our prayers with heart and following the path prescribed by the God.

To Follow any religion is not important, to practice as per the teachings mentioned in those holy books, are important and to live by that, is of utmost importance.

Our greed for power, position, money, wealth, selfishness have overlapped the human being in us. Hatred and Hate speech are spreading like Fire. Negativity have come to dominate all of us. Somehow, we All love to embrace negativity very quickly.

I remember a good philanthropist, saying that, when someone tells you that, He likes you or loves you, your spontaneous reaction is, Really? Sure? Etc.,

At the same time, a friend or relative in a moment of anger or despair says, I don’t like you or don’t want to speak with you, we accept it immediately and do not think twice to cut off our long cherished friendship or relationship.

So much negativity have grown in us. Corona have come to make us realize all the negativity within us, remove it completely and come out shining with positivity.
I know very well that dealing this subject is equal to handling the yarn of pashmina to weave a beautiful shawl. The chances of mistakes and mis-interpretation is very much possible and shall spoil the shawl. I have taken all the blessings of God to complete it the best way.

We all have forgotten the basic essence and teaching of all our Religion only to be compassionate and humble with all our fellow beings including other creatures. The greed and craze for money have overthrown all our good character.

Until very recently, I never felt this divide between people or religion as much. Of late, it is really threatening and I feel with the advancement of technology through social platforms and media, the divide is getting wider.

Please let us all understand that God is pulling all our wires at the same time to introspect and change for good. Be the true human self with compassion and love. Do not get carried away by any wrong guidance. All our Holy Book have maintained that satanic forces live with us to misguide and only by our heartful connection to God, shall nullify those satanic efforts.

Personally, I have always been in the friendship of all religion together and never felt any difference.

Particularly, during Ramadan months I used to keep away from eating and join my friends for Iftaar. The lime juice and the vadas with kanji were all blessings of God and we used to enjoy it together.

My father’s profession involved him with people from every walks of life and never we had any feelings of difference.

I remember sweets full of ghee and dates coming in from the house of Amjad Nainar Uncle and Basheer Uncle during Ramadan and Cakes from Joseph Uncle and Francis Uncle during X-mas and they were joining us at our houses during Diwali and Dasara. From my memory, I would mention these periods as beautiful and congenial and I always witnessed feeling of one and togetherness. I was matured enough to understand from the early of age 6.

In 1982, I lost my Mother and life took a totally different turn and I had joined the Leather Industry.

All my friends were Khaleel, Peer, Khaja, James, Peter, Raman, krishnan, Shanmugham etc., Where was the divide? We were all used to play at my house and my friends were calling my Dad as Appa and I was at their houses as a favorite.
Later moving in to Ambur, Ranipet, Erode and other places, the friends circle widened with Ismail, Sadiq, Stanley, Sebastian and all.

During these period, whenever we went to anyone’s house, they were careful that I am vegetarian and they would not cook meat or Keep a separate kitchen/utensils, for me and when they come to my house during Ramadan or Easter tastings, we respect and never drink or eat anything and never forced them to eat or drink. The Respect was reciprocal for our beliefs.

We used to go to Mosques, Church and Temples without any difference whatsoever.

In fact, when I used to move with Kumkum tikka on the forehead and my friend with a long beard used to walk together, people used to get surprised, on the roads, about our friendship. Such was our bond.

From that period and until now, all these relationships, have remained precious. I had some special friends from Mumbai and Delhi coming into my life. And no difference was felt at any time till date.

After this, I had spread myself all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Iran, Jordan, China, Italy, Bangkok, S.korea, Japan and Vietnam.

If I start listing their names, it will be a big list and I just mentioned few names and every one of them is connected with me even today.

There were always some political disturbance happening across religious lines, in the Country and this never affected us. We were always the Same.

During the 26/11 attack in 2008, I was there in Iran and I remember writing to all my friends that never call a terrorist by religion. Terrorist is a terrorist.

There can be only two beliefs in the World one believer in God’s path and dictum and other one is non-believer in God’s path and dictum.

Never attach any religion to any such barbaric acts. If you look at it, certain external forces starting from Western Countries and certain internal forces for their political gains have been responsible for this situation.

These acts were fueled enough by media for their TRP and hot news. Unfortunately, uneducated, unemployed and spoilt youth were there in every religion and they became a prey for these master minded internal and external forces, who had their intention only to divide and get benefits out of it.

No Government or Party have done anything to remove the poverty line or upgrade just one class or religion. Until, they win the elections they will give all the sugar-coated talks and start only working and making money and comforts for themselves and for their family. These young boys get carried away and fall for their crocodile tears and lack direction and end up killing themselves or get convicted to remain in Jail.

Show me one religious leader who is suffering for food and who is taking the beating. I have seen many instances in all religions and such heads were smart enough making these people stupid by virtue of the weakness and lack of education, of these poor people.

This evening there was a call from one of the industrialist as to what will happen to so many daily wage earners who are at least 30% of our population, post Covid-19.

Nothing is going to change their lives the next 4 months at least. This is where all our intellectual brains should come together and support the poor and the daily wage earner in every way possible and not allow their hunger to be utilized by selfish political and religious leaders. Imagine the danger, if they all get misguided by such anti national forces.

Let us do our best to think and plan to create maximum employment in the Country. We all have the brains and now have the time for ourselves to think for a New Resurgence in our Nation.

Our film fraternity have to be blamed to some extent and the fault lies within us to a major extent.

I remember MGR, Sivaji, Rajni, Kamal, Amitabh, Pran in films being portrayed as good Muslims and Christians in support of the main Hindu character or vice-versa.

Suddenly, in the name of reality, all terrorist activities and incidents of National damages were made as movies and a bomber prays to God before killing people. Why highlight and bring back such moments again and again.

As a responsible citizen, we all should not have watched those movies in protest, by way of Satyagraha, and such films would not have been repeated.

Instead, the stage actors of atrocities joined hands with uneducated and unemployed youth, or rather used their innocence and negligence of facts, instigated them to get on to the roads by breaking the public property and burning the buses.

In the end, these poor guys got beaten up or ended up in jail and the film got negative propaganda and it became a hit. They made money and these boys got converted into criminals for no fault of theirs. I am just blaming all of us for such a situation. Violent Protests will never give us anything. Instead, avoid watching such movies and they would be discouraged.

This is too long a subject and writing will never end as there are so many incidents and instances which have hurt me personally and I am sure that, all of you will be having the same feeling.

Coming back to today’s situation, we are under lockdown and will be stretched with partial lockdown for our health and safety reason for some more time, I feel. The Ramadan month coming is a blessing and I request all our Muslim friends to continue their prayers at home and as per the Government advice and carry on with your fasting, Alms giving, Zakat and Taraweeh, as usual.

Just increase the intensity of your prayers that Allah will soon bring peace and relief from Corona to all of us and He should bless us all to go to mosque, church and temples as were always going.

We all should pray the way we trust and believe, to the only one God may be by different names to forgive and pardon all our mistakes and allow us to go to our place of worship as soon as possible.

We all should pray that, we will shed off all our bad habits and behavior and carry on with our life with only love, love and love for our family and fellow beings.

Last point, let us have our belief and faith at home as we believe in them and respect them. They are like our Mother. We should never bring her to the streets, or should we abuse any one’s mother.

Let us Respect our Mother, our Mother Land and let us all live comfortably in a Virus Free World, together.

These are all my feelings burning inside me for our wellbeing and of our society. Let us make a decision that we will entertain No more religion as our identity and only be known by our names.

Ramadan Month pushes me to write these good thoughts and with all trust and belief, that God is Universal, and HE will get his job done. Unity with righteousness.

Let us all change for good. And live in harmony with compassion.

By Vasan. Suri

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