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This is a very very sensitive subject and my intention is to highlight the realms at the ground level expecting some change in the future.

Again a razor edge walk and I don’t want to end up only in finding faults and not solution. My interest is to only highlight the possible solution.

Again, these are only from my own experience and exposure.

P.O.O.R – People Ostensibly Omitted and Rejected.

The above abbreviation fits the condition of poor in our Country.

We will be completing 74 years of our independence and we should all be asking this question how and why so much of poor and under privileged population exists in our Country.

We have Elections every 5 years in most of the period, except for some dissolution of elected governments without enough majority, for the Lok Sabha and State Legislature and elections happen earlier.

Every party have promised right from the day of Independence till date about allieviating the poor from the Country.

The population have increased by 100 crores in these 74 years and the percentage of poverty line sharply declined from 70% during independence to 22% now.

Though the percentage shows a sharp decline from 1947 still, the number of people below poverty line is at 27 crores approximately, against 23 crores at the time of independence.

The below poverty line figures of China is 3.3% and Srilanka is at 6.7%.

In unemployment percetage, India 7.8%, China 3.9% and Srilanka 4% for a clear comparison.

During the last Lok Sabha Election, 61 crore people voted in India in 2019 and we have nearly 30 crores as daily wage earners many of which could vote for a free-buy.

We are all to be blamed for this situation. The people with voting rights were 91 crores and only 61 crores voted.

Instead of finding faults, time to find solution for these poor people.

1. Are they only kept alive, only as a potential vote bank?

2. Are they only required for Photo-ops during situations of National Calamity and distress?

Except for unhealthy people, all other people need to be provided with employment opportunities and farming is the best way.

We have so many agricultural experts with lot of innovative ideas in farming and they could be utilised.

Every region in India have a unique character with regard to soil, water and type of crops that can be grown.

There are plenty of unused lands available and if these people can be given a job and utilised there, we could reach up to the lowest figures in percentages of poor in the Country.

Every MP should connect with all the MLA’s coming under them and as a first step provide 50% of the poor that is 14 crores a permanent job and they should be utilised in all the constituencies of the Country,

If this is done and results will surely be achieved. We will become more stronger in food grains and internationally, India can turn the tables.

There was a speech recently in which one of the Officer said that, luckily we had enough food grains to handle through during the Corona crisis and have enough stock of food grains next 12 months.

Linking of river waters, transportation of vegetables n fruits from surplus grown to short supply areas. Increasing agricultural productivity at every rural sector could benefit the people and thereby the Country.

“Enna valam illai indha thirunaatil, yen kaiyai yendha Vendum veli naatil”. – Sung by the Great Leader MGR.

“When my motherland is blessed with all resources n natural wealth, why should We look up to other Country for imports”

Education of the poor boys and girls need to be given importance . Money spent on contraceptives every year, if spent on education will make the Country richer.

As per the wise saying, it is better to teach them fishing rather than giving them fish to eat everyday, making them lazy and happy being poor.

The Corona have taught us the importance of healthy food and India is rich in such healthy foods.

Turmeric, Ginger, Various types of millets can be grown all over to become a World supplier of healthy food.

Types of millets available just for information: The names are given in Tamil/English & Hindi for easy reference:

1. Kambu/Pearl/Bajra
2. Thinai/Foxtail/Kangni
3. Varugu/Kodo/Kodra
4. Kuthiravali/Barnyard/Jhangoda

I was in a webinar during the lockdown and learnt that the Tanjore IIFPT is doing wonders.

The Director Dr. Anantha Ramakrishnan, have developed onion with a new technique in Perambalur where onions could not be grown, otherwise.

Amidst, nay sayers he has successfully shown the results and the production continues.,

The successfully grown onions are being converted as onion powders and paste, as well.

Food processing is a very important and efficient sector for our economy. There are lot of bananas grown in many parts of India and due to excess availability either they are spoilt and wasted or sold at Lower prices making no benefit for the farmer.

Instead, if we develop food processing stations or clusters at every village or every 4 villages, the prices need not be reduced and these bananas could be converted as Banana powders and exported or utilised for milk shakes and other healthy drinks or food.

People complain about not enough construction jobs. They could go to MSME Minister and he has said very clearly that he is willing to support any construction activity to help the displaced construction workers.

The concentration should shift to Rural India to make “Cold Storage” to hold the surplus vegetables and fruits and as well in such events as Corona.

A statistical figure shows a loss of ₹1 lakh crores worth of food grains and food products wasted every year due to transport problems, or rain or cyclone or any other calamity.

Hemp seed and Chia seed are so high in omega fatty acids and are available in our Country. We could use itvourselves and export it as well.

International marketing made a negative propaganda against our edible oils of groundnut, coconut, Gingely, mustard oils and today we ended up importing oils which are in no way healthy compared to our edible oils.

The IIFPT is able to provide any type of support for the “Food Products Technology”. This is one organisation which works all days of the year as everyone there is passionately involved.

He further mentioned that, we all have been fooled by the International marketing gimmick to dump all oats as a healthy product, whereas it is not so, claimed the Dr.

Oats are being imported from Australia and the GI (Glycemic Index) ranges from 59 to 81. Many times the test suggests minimum of GI 63.

Whereas, the “karuppu Kavuni Rice” has GI 52 or less. And much more healthy.

It is referred as “forbidden rice” or “emperor rice”. The high levels of antioxidants and superior nutritional value made it popular with Chinese emperors and it was forbidden for general public. Thus, the name “forbidden rice”.

Look at the opportunities mentioned above and we have lands, intelligence, manpower, Government support and let us make Rural India stronger and less of crowd in the Urban India and look ahead towards a Healthy and Wealthy India.

Looking at the opportunities, having spent nearly 4 decades in the Leather & Leather Products, I have decided to take a plunge. People who know me very well understand and appreciate the passion with which I take up any job.

Lastly, I would like to invite all young people to turn their vision towards rural India and economy.

Let us come together to make a reality the Dream of Our Selfless Great Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subramanya Bharathi and many more who laid their lives for this Great Nation.

By Vasan. Suri

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