#Covid – 19 -Lockdown 4.0 -Salient features of the PM speech today – Translation of the speech by Vasan.Suri

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1. The whole world have been turned topsy-Turvy due to a virus.

2. Globally, Many people lost their lives and many lost their livelihood and many suffered with it.

3. Tired, Failure, Disturbed or Distorted is not making any human happy in India.,

4. This situation of Corona is unprecedented and created a huge crisis but our determination is stronger than the crisis.

5. India was pitted to be the leader in 2021 and the whole world is watching us. It is not a dream we must make it a reality.

6. This is only possible by a self reliant nation. We are facing a huge challenge and at the same looking at the opportunity as well.

7. When the virus started, we had no PPE or Face Mask production in the Country. Today, we are able to produce 200000 pcs per day of face mask and PPE.
This was possible as we converted the challenge in to an opportunity.
8. The Whole World is looking at us and our self reliant nature. Self Reliance has a new meaning now.

9. Whole World is looking up to India and our growth is essential for the World.

10. We have given Yoga and Medicine to the World for a healthy living.

11. World is now hopeful on India and its capabilities.

12. How was this possible? Due to the belief and commitment by the 130 crore people towards a self reliant India. We are proud being an Indian.,

13. We have technology, knowledge and quality of manufacture and supply chain will make it better for Global welfare.

14. I have witness the earthquake in Kutch when everything was brought down to the ground.

15. Again, very quickly the resilience of people brought Kutch back.

16. If we Indians come together we shall attain and reach any target.

17. We know the path and have the roadmap as well for the growth. The following 5 factors will make every target possible.

a) Economy – Quantum jump
b) Infrastructure
c) System – Techno driven
d) Demography – Vibrant Democracy
e) Demand (Demand & Supply chain)

We have a big demand power and supply chain to be fully utilised and fulfill the demand.

We need to support our supply chain and make it more stronger.

Our products should smell the sweat and soil of our Nation.

19. Announce package

“Atma Nirbar Bharat Abhiyan”

“Scheme for Self Reliant India”

₹20 lakhs Crore announced. This is equal to 10% of our GDP. This is to kick start and accelerate our economy.

Every area from Land, Labor, Liquidity, Loss, MSME, Industry, Cottage industry, Agriculture will be supported. Farmers who work all season and all income tax payers to strengthen this economy, everyone will be addressed.

The finance ministry will start disbursements from tomorrow.

20. Last six years have seen many reforms of this Government and the results are here.,

Money reached every poor citizen of the Country through their bank account. Government offices were shut, buses were not operating and how the money reached. It went to their individual bank accounts directly.

21. We need to bring about reforms in our agriculture and farming to counter any such future crisis, like Corona.

22. “Make in India” drive should take every opportunity to fight in the global market.

We should support all sections of our people to kick start and accelerate our economy.

23. I cannot forget the sacrifice done and sufferings endured by the poor and under privileged, road side vendors, small shop owners during these crisis period and it is our bounden duty to make their lives comfortable. Everyone is included in the package.

24. Local market, local manufacturers, local supply chain stood by us. It is our duty to carry them along in to the future.

25. Internationally, Big Brands were created from local supply chain and made Global Brands.

26. We must become “vocal” about “Local”. We must support the Local supply chain.

27. Your support made me proud always and whenever I have requested you all have honoured me with your overwhelming response.

When I requested your support for Khadi and Handloom businesses to be supported, you all stood by me with your support. The results proved it.

28. Scientists and Experts believe that Corona will live with us for long.

We need to use our face mask, maintain social distancing and keep marching towards our ambition and targets.

29. Lockdown 4.0 will be effective from 18th May and all new rules and regulations will be provided before 18th May.

Every state Government will announce for their states. We will keep fighting against Corona but, will move forward towards our goal.

We are a self reliant India and we will do it together.

Take care of yourself and your family. All good wishes.

Jai Hind!

By Vasan.Suri




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