Amy Jackson slams slaughterhouses

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At a time when many workers of slaughterhouses across the world testing positive for coronavirus, Amy Jackson has come down heavily on slaughterhouses and called them breeding ground for diseases.

“Wet markets, slaughterhouses, meat factories – these places are breeding grounds for disease in so many different forms!” posted the British actress, who is popular in Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood.

Posting a news report, she added: “Oh & just a littleee inconsiderate (or perhaps VERY well thought out) with your choice of words @BBCNews ‘processing PLANTS?’ I think you mean MEAT FACTORIES.”

She also said, “Cold, wet, poor ventilation… ideal for animals though right??? How are they still defending the revolting truth about abattoirs and what goes on behind those walls. They’re filthy disease ridden houses of horror #covid in #abbatoirs.”


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