Teddy – Review by Naveen


Neatly presented medical thriller


– Review

Sree Vidhya (Sayyeshaa) gets kidnapped by a ruthless medical mafia who is also into organ trafficking.

In a peculiar situation, her soul enters into a teddy bear after she falls into coma due to drug intoxication. It befriends Siva (Arya), a person with OCD and a sharp skill for learning anything new, and seeks his help to find out if Sree is alive or not.

The story commences as a whiff of fresh air compared to the regular commercial potboilers. Director Shakthi Soundararajan has made an engaging film with an unfamiliar storyline.

Arya has effortlessly pulled off his role. Arya has given his everything to the character and his earnest performance is very much seen.

Sayyeshaa gets a limited screen time that doesn’t give her any scope to perform. Magizh Thirumeni, who makes his acting debut with Teddy, is impressive, but as a character, it turns out to be weak.

The VFX / CG work that has gone behind creating the teddy bear and its movements/actions are pretty good and there are no major glitches.

Yuva’s visuals and Imman’s music act as the major strength of the movie. The movie begins will, however gets predictable in the second half.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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