Paris Jayaraj – Review by Naveen


Santhanam strikes again

Paris Jayaraj

– Review

Jayaraj (Santhanam), a small-time gaana singer, who resorts to drinking after a heartbreak, falls in love with Divya (Anaika Soti) after meeting her at an event at her college.

Divya, who was also reeling from a love failure, falls for him. But little did they know that their relationship would face an issue because of their respective fathers.

Jayaraj’s father Prakash Raj (Prithvi Raj) and Divya’s family put their best foot forward to separate them. Meanwhile, Divya’s ex-boyfriend, too, comes back, seeking apology from her. Will Jeyaraj and Divya unite?

Director Johnson clearly demonstrates what writing funny situations offer to the film, when there’s someone like Santhanam in the lead. Even if the counters don’t work, the scene is funny by itself.

Santhanam is earnest as Parris Jayaraj and infuses a lot of energy to the film. Though a lot of trademark Santhanam jokes look like we have heard them before, most of them work because of the nature of the film.

Though Anaika has a good scope to perform, she only appears to be a pretty doll.

Santhosh Narayanan’s songs are different from his usual work. Arthur Wilson’s camera is above average.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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