Paramapadha Vilayattu – Review by Naveen


Lows & highs

Paramapadha Vilayattu

– Review

Chezhiyan (Vela Ramamoorthy), a powerful politician, is hospitalised and his party is on the verge of splitting into two.

Amidst heated discussion among the party members on who should be the next CM, Gayathri (Trisha), the doctor who treated the leader, smells a foul play in his death.
She secures evidences related to the suspicious death, but gets kidnapped along with her daughter. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Director K Thirugnanam has weaved the story based on ‘real life incidents’. However, he seems to have lost track midway as the plot gets diverted from the main core at several places.

Trisha and Baby Manasvi put up a decent job in their respective roles. Though Trisha’s performance is promising in parts, her character arc does not provide much scope for her to perform.

Manasvi has delivered a brilliant act and managed to express the character’s anxiety very well without even uttering a word. The rest of the cast are adequate. BGM by Amrish is impressive. Camerwork by J Dinesh is appreciable.

Rating 3/5

By Naveen


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