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Man proposes…

                              Mookuthi Amman

                                                                                                         – Review

‘Mookuthi Amman’ focuses on how a few godmen have zero concern for the environment and only concentrate on building an ashram.

RJ Balaji as a local TV reporter Engles Ramasamy along with Mookuthi Amman played by Nayanthara try to expose a godman named Bhagavathi Baba played by Ajay Ghosh.

Are they able to complete what they started forms the rest of the story. RJ Balaji has come a long way as an actor and scores well in the emotional scenes here.

Nayanthara as the majestic and sensible Goddess is an apt casting and she has elevated many scenes with her impeccable screen presence and body language.

She is presented as a mass hero(ine) and is the biggest highlight of the film. Urvashi who moved us emotionally in Soorarai Pottru tickles our funny bones with her incredible comic timing, she is a rockstar and ‘Mookuthi Amman’ is yet another proof of her expertise in handling both emotional and comedy scenes.

Balaji could’ve worked a little bit in the second half but having said that, he knows the taste of the audience and delivered a film that would satisfy the appetite of the masses.
Girish’s music is passable while cinematographer Dinesh Krishna has done a commendable job.

On the whole, ‘Mookuthi Amman’ is a movie that brings back the memories of the Amman movies of the 2000s but is relavant to the present scenario.

Rating: 3 out of 5


By Naveen

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