Malaysia to Amensia – Review by Naveen


Forgetful and funny

Malaysia to Amensia

– Review

Vaibhav plays Arun, a successful owner of a small-scale apparel business. He is married to Suja (Vani) and they have a daughter.

Arun is in an extramarital affair with Riya, and he takes out time every now and then to meet her.

One time, Arun tells his family that he’s off to Malaysia on a business trip for four days and goes to Bangalore to meet Riya.

But his plan doesn’t go as planned and he gets stuck in an uncomfortable situation. What happens next forms the rest of the story.
Director Radha Mohan seems to have been in an interesting confusion whether to package this as an all-out comic flick or pack in emotional elements.

There is no questioning of the clever wordplay which evokes laughter at times. Vaibhav as Arun Kumar, a character faking memory loss, is a reasonably funny presence.

Vani Bhojan gives a cute performance as a dutiful housewife, who never doubts her husband. Karunkaran who comes as Vaibhav’s friend has done his part well.

The film relies heavily on MS Bhaskar, the veteran actor-comedian, to do all the weightlifting, and he is terrific in his role. Overall the movie can be watched for its humour portions.

by Naveen

Rating: 3.5/5

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