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Kaadan is the story of how Veerabharathi (Rana Daggubati) saves the forest that he lives in from an ambitious project of a Minister which will affect the flora and fauna.

Rana lives as one with the plants and animals in the forest. Their life is disturbed when Minister Kurinjinathan wants to build a luxury township, compelte with golf course, amphitheatre and many more amneties.

But Rana stands in his way as he feels that this project will affect the routine of the animals in the forest, especially the elephants.

Forest is not new for director Prabhu Solomon. He has tried to convey the message of co-existence of humans with nature and animals.

Rana has shouldered the movie and stands tall with his performance. He has given an earnest performance. Vishnu Vishal plays a shaded role and does justice to his character.

Shriya and Zoya are good, but there’s not much they can do with their under-developed characters.

Cinematographer A R Ashok Kumar has captured the forest beautifully. Sound designing by Resul Pookutti stands out. Music by Shantanu Moitra is functional. Overall, ‘Kaadan’ is a good visual experience.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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