Fight against Covid-19 – Let us ensure Virus Free India and World – Spl. Article by Vasan.Suri


Fight against Covid-19

Following steps to be ensured:

Let us ensure Virus Free India and World.

1. Stay Home, Stay Safe.
2. Be Disciplined. Don’t disturb the police forces by getting in to streets n roads in motorcycle n cars without necessity. Even if you are going out to get essentials, please maintain social distancing.
3. Pray for the Covid warriors who all are serving us day and night selflessly risking their lives.
4. Whatever way we can contribute to the common cause. Contribute money, time and spread awareness with other people.
5. Do not pass on wrong information WhatsApp or message spreading rumors
6. Be with the Government supporting all the directives from the Government.
7. Next two weeks will be crucial. Let us fight out the virus by staying home.
8. Use time to read books, learn any new language or any other art including cooking.
9. Assist your wife and try to spend good time with your children.
10. This time may not and should not come again, utilise it to do introspection and retrospection.
11. Keep your home clean and help to keep society clean.
12. Realise that, all your visible wealth, money and relatives are all being threatened by an invisible Virus.
13. Remember that, nothing is permanent including your life, be God fearing and compassionate with everyone.
14. Our culture have always taught us to be clean, wish by folding hands, use neem, turmeric st home. All these keep away many problems in us and around us. Let us practice it.

by Vasan.Suri

Dear all
Due to the need for creation of more quarantine space as reserve security arrangements, an appeal is made by Gcc’s administration towards the general public to allow their unused homes, lodges, mansions with rooms etc that can be given for quarantine.
This being the need of the hour ., those who are with such properties are requested to offer their services in the interest of the nation.

Chennai corporation

கொரானா ஆத்திசூடி

அ டிக்கடி கை கழுவு
ஆ பத்தை அறிந்து கொள்
இ ல்லத்தில் தனித்திரு
ஈ ரடி தள்ளி நில்
உ ற்றாரை ஒதுக்கி வை
ஊ ரடங்கை மதித்து நட
எ ங்கேயும் சுற்றாதே
ஏ க்கத்தை அடக்கி வை
ஐ யமின்றி அனைத்தும் உண்
ஒ துங்கியிருக்கக் கற்றுக்கொள்
ஓ ரிடத்தில் ஓய்ந்திரு
ஔ ஷதமில்லை கொரானாவிற்கு
இ ஃ து அறிதலே இனிய வாழ்வு.


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