Slow and steady is my mantra: Taapsee


Taapsee Pannu is happy that fans gave her the no. 1 spot on a list created by Bollywood Ranker on the basis of votes that audience gave to her films on IMDb.

“I might not have the maximum hundred-crores grossers, but it’s quite satisfying to see that the audience has voted me basis the kinds of films I have done,” the actress, who is popular in Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood, said.

She said further: “Slow and steady is the mantra that has helped me get my audience and their trust. I hope I live up to their trust every time they decide to spend the few hours of their life watching my films.”

Taapsee added: “It helps me feel I am on the right path and that I can continue pushing the envelope as there is an audience who is following my thought process. That is why I try and push to do something new and different every year.”


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