Rajinikanth supports CAA, says he will protect Muslims’ interests


Expressing his views on CAA and NPR, superstar Rajinikanth today said both are needed. While stating that the laws would not affect Muslims, he said he would be the first to give his voice if Muslims’ rights are affected.

Talking to the media in Chennai, he said the law was designed to help persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries and poses no threat to Muslims in India.

He also asked students to think deep before jumping to protest on any issue. He said that opposition playing politics by dividing people on communal lines. “If Indian Muslims are affected, I will be the first to stand up for them”, he said.

In his advice to students, he said, “Check facts well before you participate in a protest. Take the advice of your parents, professors and elders. Make sure your future is not affected. There are chances that politicians may use you for their interests.”

He said he would respond to the summon of one-man commission of retired judge Aruna Jagadeesan, which has asked Rajinikanth to testify before it in the port city of Thoothukudi, and share his side of the story since he claimed that “anti-social elements” were behind the violence that led to police firing.


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