Mahesh Babu’s request to people



Even as coronavirus killing thousands across the world, actor Mahesh Babu has come out with an appeal to the people and said that “social distancing is the need of the hour.”

Uploading an awareness video on his social media page, the top star said, “Social distancing is the need of the hour!! It’s a tough call but we need to make it. This is time to sacrifice our social life and prioritize public safety.”

The actor further said, “Stay indoors as much as you can and make the most of this phase with your family and loved ones. This will keep the virus from spreading and save many lives.”

He added: “Ensure you wash your hands frequently and keep your environment clean. Use hand sanitizers as much as possible, use masks only if you think you are sick… Let’s continue to follow all the necessary steps until this passes. We are in it together and we will see this through… Let’s beat #COVID19 together🤗🤗🤗 #StaySafe.”


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