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Raju Murugan, a journalist turned director, has focussed on society, people and the problems they face in his earlier films ‘Joker’ and ‘Cuckoo’.

In ‘Gypsy’ too, he has done the same and the film is highly topical as it has hit the screens at a time when the nation is witnessing debates and protests on NRC, NPR and CAA.

However, while doing so, Raju Murugan has blamed one particular religion and its leaders, while conveniently forgetting or ignoring hatred being spread by others.

Gypsy’s (Jiiva) parents, an inter religious couple, get killed in an India-Pakistan war. He is brought up by a wandering musician and Gypsy too ends up as a nomad.

Gypsy’s foster parent asks him to find out a face that he would remember even at his deathbed and never allow it let go off him. For Gypsy, who is always on travel mode, that face belongs to a girl from a strict Muslim family.

Gypsy falls for that girl named Waheeda (Natasha Singh) and the latter too reciprocates. They elope and enter wedlock. However, their relationship is at crossroads due to a communal riot.

Jiiva has performed very well and his acting is top notch. Natasha Singh, Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne and Susheela Raman have done a neat job.

Santhosh Narayanan’s music has become very predictable and we are almost sure about what type of songs he is going to present. Cinematography, editing and other technical aspects are fine.

‘Gypsy’ talks about current situation in a sarcastic manner, but its approach is highly partial. At the same time, it drives home well some important messages.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen

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