#Covid19 #Respect our Covid Warriors Sunday Spl. Article by Vasan. Suri


We all are  staying home safe and secure just becos of the selfless sacrificing service done by all our Warriors.
1. Doctors – Do not know the time and understanding the risk they are in, still serve every patient infected with the Virus with total care. Salute them!

2. Nurses – It is said that the spit and phlegm and the droplets of the cough and sneeze can pass on the virus. Still, they dare to do all service and their only aim is to serve. Great service, salute all of you!

3. Support Staff and House Keeping Staff- can’t believe the sacrifice you all are doing by risking your lives. The cleanliness and sanitisation of the Hospital, Beds and the pillows and bed sheets have to be kept clean and by doing this any time your life can be at risk. No words to explain your sacrifice. Salute you all.

4. Police – What a Great service? Handling all sorts of public from arrogant rich to innocent poor and irresponsible youth. It has been a tough job. You plead and cry and sometimes have to use your stick. Salute the total police force.

Media – whether it is print media or the TV, your life is hard. Your Bosses always want content and you all risk your every moment of life to provide the right content and report perfectly. Salute you all.

On behalf of all my family and friends who all are living fine and safe by all your sacrifices, I fall flat at all of your feet and respect your service.

We all are sitting at home with required food, electricity, TV programs and news updates. This is because of your family people.

I don’t know how they will be sleeping when you are out on duty and at risk every moment to contract the deadly virus.

Our children or wife or parents if they don’t come in time, we all are anxious and your family trusts only God that, you will come back safe.

I request with folded hands that, we should all pray for such Great people and the service they do to the Nation and all of us.

At this moment, I would also request certain irresponsible behaviour of some group of people who went on to pelt stones and sticks on such Warriors whose only sin was to work for our safety. Please refrain from such barbaric act.

One more request to the people who organise the beauty pageant and other filmi award functions, please let us organise a function to commemorate the invaluable service done by these Covid Warriors and who have risked their life for the sake of all of us.

They are like our jawans who go to the borders and keep vigil and fight for our safety and in the process risking their lives.

As a jawan, it is clear to them and known well that they are in the duty of the Nation and people like us and the risk behind it.

These Covid Warriors were given the task as a National Urgency and immediately jumped in to serve knowing all the risk and importantly their families who have allowed them to perform their duty.

Whatever we do for them will be less against the service rendered by these Warriors and their families behind them.

Pray all Gods to save them for their families and for the good hearted and wilful service they do to the Nation and Society.

God Bless them all.

By Vasan. Suri

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