Tamil Cinema Company: First Film Announcement Function Stills & News


Tamil Cinema Company: First Film Announcement Function Stills

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Tamil Cinema Company decides to produce best films by in belief of good and unique stories & with efficient directors.

We have announced few weeks ago to register to narrate stories. Immediately after our announcement 349 future Directors have registered. So far we have listened to 52 stories and have selected 11 scripts. We plan to produce all the selected scripts in regular intervals.

We start our first production with a new director whose name is T.Saravanan. Today the announcement function happened in our Tamil Cinema Company office hall for the above movie.

Screenplay, dialogue, locations, Artists & Technicians selection will be done further in due course. Further, Film Pooja will be done in massive way soon’ says Ghazali, Chairman of Tamil Cinema Company.

Tamil Cinema Company will run as a Corporate Concern with following 6 personnel;

– Producer & Director Ghazali as Chairman,

– Director & Dialogue Writer Liyakath Ali Khan as Chief Advisor,

– Producer AK Sudar as CEO – Operations,

– Producer, Actor & Distributor Jinnah Vijay as CEO – Marketing & Distribution,

– Lyricist & Screenwriter Murugan Manthiram as CEO – Publicity & Media Relations

– Media Relations Orchestrator Nikil Murukan as Public & Media Relations Executive

Two producers have listened to the synopsis and have come forward to produce 2 movies out of 11 stories that we have selected, in their respective companies.

We will not be overburdened ourselves by producing all the selected scripts but we will recommend to other producers thus to pave the way to enthusiastic new Directors. And we will execute movie production in First Copy basis (Contract basis) also. Thus, Tamil Cinema Company will act as “Story Bank” in Tamil Cinema industry.

Different Story, very good Screenplay, Claps acquiring Dialogues & perfect Direction will lead to at par with world cinema standard, big profits and name & fame. Our Tamil Cinema Company will lead the industry as pioneer in such type and this is the beginning’ says Liyakath Ali Khan, Chief Advisor of Tamil Cinema Company and one of the leading Legends of Tamil Cinema Industry.

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